Financial Arrangements

Davis Medical Center & Broaddus Hospital

Upon Submission
People with insurance coverage must provide the insurance company name, policy number and personal identification card to the registration department. Coverage will be verified upon admission and the patient may be asked to make a deposit for amounts not covered by insurance.

Financial Counseling
Financial counselors are available for assistance with insurance and/or financial arrangements, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For Davis Medical Center counselors, call 304.637.3125.
For Broaddus Hospital counselors, call 304.457.1760.

Insurance Control Programs
Your insurance company may have one or more control programs that require your admission to be authorized for medical necessity and length of stay. Among these controls are:

  • Pre-admission certification.
  • Second surgical opinion.
  • Continued stay review.
  • Discharge review.
  • Discharge planning.

Many insurance plans require pre-certification before entering the hospital. If your insurance company requires pre-certification, you must notify the company prior to receiving services. If you are admitted through the emergency department, you should notify your insurance company within 24 hours of admission. If pre-certification is not obtained, your policy benefits may be reduced. If you need assistance in notifying your insurance carrier, please contact our financial counselor at 304.637.3125. A message may be left on the confidential voicemail.

Review by Insurance Company
Your insurer may further require that the appropriateness of services provided be monitored and reviewed during your hospitalization and/or after discharge.

If during your hospitalization or after your discharge the insurer finds any inappropriateness with respect to your admission, length of stay or services received, you, your physician and the hospital will be notified. Such findings can result in the insurer not paying for days of hospitalization or services it deems medically unnecessary, and the financial responsibility could be placed on you.

Financial Assistance Policy

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